20 F little
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You both like DDlg.
You: Hello.
Stranger: Hi, 20 F little
You: 26 M, Daddy.
You: you tell me.
Stranger: Hi, Daddy :D
You: Hello, dear.
You: how are you feeling tonight?
Stranger: I'm okay, thanks. How are you, Daddy?
You: I'm alright. feeling like giving a hug; hmm, who would want one? I wonder.
Stranger: Me, Daddy! :D
Stranger: Hug your little baby!
You: Fantasitc!
You: come and sit on my lap, I'll hug the okayness out of you, and make you feel great.
Stranger: Yay!
Stranger: I love sitting on Daddy's lap
You: I know you do. Daddy loves it too, something which can be seen from afar, actually. you probably feel it frequently.
Stranger: Uh huh Daddy's special gets big.
Stranger: It pokes my butt!
You: it is a special butt, it asks for the apropiate recognition. if Daddy's girl asks, she shall receive.
Stranger: I don't understand, Daddy :(
You: I'm saying that such a cute butt asks for appropiate recognition.
You: a standing ovation.
Stranger: Daddy likes my little bottom?
You: Daddy does, dear. I'm astonished that you doubt it.
Stranger: I just like hearing Daddy say it :D
You: I know you do. such an adorable little tease.
Stranger: I love when I sit on Daddy's lap and I can feel him poking my little bottom.
You: /sigh
Stranger: ???
You: Daddy's thinking.
Stranger: What are you thinking about, Daddy?
You: do you remember when we met? that afternoon, us talking.
Stranger: No, Daddy. Tell me.
You: you, my dear, just want Daddy to mention how lovely you looked that time.
You: how I fell in love at first sight, how I knew-
You: No, no.
Stranger: Daddy, say!
You: are you commanding me to do it?
Stranger: No, Daddy, but I wanna hear!
Stranger: Tell me when we met.
You: behave, little one.
Stranger: Yes, Daddy. I'm sorry :(
You: don't go after teaching spanks.
You: Good girl.
Stranger: Well Daddy, I'm sitting here... alone with no one to give me cummies :((!
You: How about we change that? I'll come over and see that you get your cummies, if you've been a good girl of course...
Stranger: YES DADDY! Meet me here! *gives address*
Stranger Disconnects
*the glow of the computer screen washes over THEJORY's face as a faint smile spreads across his face*
THEJORY: Gotcha you son of a bitch
Daddy: Hello princess, I'm here.
THEJORY: *using his talented skills in the way of speech, throws and disguises his voice* I'm in the back... waiting for you daddy...
Daddy: Now that is a good girl... *enters the bedroom while unfastening his belt* Now let's see abo- *looks up. fear briefly shoots across his face, but he quickly regains composure and fixes his belt*
THEJORY: *still in Little voice* Hello *switches to the terrifying voice of THEJORY* Daddy..
Daddy: Hello, Jory.. *takes a seat in the chair across from THEJORY*
THEJORY: Now you... You've been quite hard to find. But I guess that figures, you being the leader of this country's Daddy Cult. But Hey! You're here now. That's all that matters right!?
HeadDaddy: I know you've been quite the busy man these last few months. What's the tally? Something like a thousand dead so far?
THEJORY *mockingly half bows* What can I say. I'm good at what I do..
HeadDaddy: Well then *stands up and starts to unbutton his shirt* SHALL WE?! *rips his outfit - a suit and tie that turned out to be one single piece of clothing - off, revealing a full getup of BDSM wear underneath*
THEJORY: Ohhoho, we shall.. *removes his amazing pair of RARE sunglasses to reveal an even more amazing pair underneath*
*HeadDaddy jumps into the air towards THEJORY and initiates the Daddydom TimeOut kick spin. THEJORY rolls backwards in the recliner, reclining it in the process and the leg stand hits HeadDaddy, shooting him into and through the wall, into the living room.*
THEJORY: Pft... this is gonna be a piece of cake, you're no different from the other scum.
*faint laughter is heard through the large dark hole in the bedroom wall. It gradually gets louder and louder. THEJORY moves through the hole and scans the room only to see HeadDaddy slowly rising from the debris.
HeadDaddy: *his voice slowly getting deeper and more menacing* Oh my sweet Jory, * the loud rip of his leather tearing, echoes through out the empty faux Daddy-Dom-Meet-N-Fuck-House THEJORY built the previous day* My silly Jory Boy... *he slams his arm into the wall, it has grown* You can't defeat me... * the cracking of boner reforming... reshaping... growing fills the air.* The harm you inflict upon me, only makes me STRONGER! *he now stands over THEJORY, tripled in size. His his, the size of trees... His feet, the size of tree trunks... His head, the size of a top of a tree....*
THEJORY: *the realization hits him like a brick wall... * *thinks* 'Fuck... A Masochist DaddyDom...'
*he has just enough time to take this all in before he leaps out of the raining blows HeadDaddy launches*
THEJORY: 'Think Jory THINK... how can I stop this asshole'
* ducks neath the HeadDaddys legs and spins around, facing HeadDaddys back. 'I got it!'
THEJORY: Well then, sticks and stones may,uh, make your bones get all fucking big and shit, But WORDS WILL FUCKING HURT YOU!
THEJORY: *takes off his sunglasses and throws them aside, even though we all know they are very expense and would get ruined like that* Prepare to be... Kinkshamed...
HeadDaddy: NO!
THEJORY: What you are doing.. It's fucked up
HeadDaddy: *staggers backwards* N-No! NO!
THEJORY: It's a sick twisted version of pedophilia.. something else that already fucking sick and twisted!
HeadDaddy: *collapses to the floor* Please.. Stop this at once!!!! *starts to foam at the mouth and shake frantically*
THEJORY: *stands over the HeadDaddy and puts his shades back on* Oh, and cummies is the dumbest word I've ever heard..
HeadDaddy: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo *the shaking increases as he floats to the air, beams of light shooting out from his orifices. THEJORY begins to back up. The screaming turns inhuman as the light gets blinding. The whole house begins to shake and just when THEJORY thinks about heading for cover, the Daddy explodes. A column of dark energy rising from an enormous pile of flesh and bone is all that remained of the HeadDaddy.
THEJORY: Hmph... Good thing I was able to caught the light show... *removes shades and throws them at the the camera*
CREDITS ROLL accompanied by I Am A Real American
After Credits teaser
*pan over a snowy desolate Moscow.... Cut to couple walking down the street*
Russian Little: It's cold. Where are we going?
Russian Daddy: It's a surprise.
Russian Little: Surprise? I like surprises.
Russian Daddy: Then you'll like this. *starts to give her cummies*
THEJORY: Caught you at a bad time... Comrade?
Russain Daddy: Slowly approaches THEJORY, his dick equipped -The Daddy weapon of choice.*
THEJORY: * Brandishes his ancient blade and slices at the camera* CUT TO BLACK
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